Kurt Deklerck

Sluit dit zoekvak.

Official Website of the Belgian, European and World Champion Pool & Snooker. Winner US Open - Winner Ryder Cup

Biography Kurt Deklerck

Who am I?

I’m Kurt Deklerck, 58 years old, wheelchair snooker and pool player, from Bruges (Belgium).
I have a daughter “Ynske” born on the 6th of February 2006.
I’m playing snooker since 1987 and pool since 1994

Snooker is my favorite game. To date, I have already won 125 snooker tournaments and achieved 93 times the highest break.

My most iportant titles

4 times WORLD CHAMPION SNOOKER 1989 (England) – 2 times in 1990 (Australia) – 1994 (England)

Since 1994, there is no World Championship for snooker anymore
4 times European champion 1991(Belgium) – 2 times in 1993 (Ireland) –
1995 (England). Since 1995, there is no European championship anymore.
28 times Belgium champion (28 times in a row from 1989 till 2005)(2013 – 2019-..)
8 times winner of the “Bruges open international”
Winner WDBS Belgian Open 2018
In 15 years I only lost three times in a Belgium Tournament.
1991 European Championship (Gits) Runner-up
“6e Bruges Open International 2002” (Bruges) Runner-up.
Ranked Nr. 1 in the World since 2001
2 times winner US open 9-ball – 2005 (Florida) – 2006 (Minisota)

Snooker career

In snooker tournaments, I have already scored 93 times the highest break.
I am still the World Record holder for the highest break scored in a tournament
for wheelchair athletes since 1995 (69 points).
My highest break in competition is 104 points and in training it is 134 points.

Pool career

I have already won [pool titles] tournament in pool
To date, I have achieved 22 medals (gold, silver and bronze together) at European Championships.

My pool career is a little shorter (1994), but I still achieved good results.

A chronological overview of my titles

I won the doubles final of the Ryder cup 2 times 
1998 (Michigan) aired on ESPN and in 1999 (Orange County)
3 times winner of the “Rider Cup” with team Europe
Orange County (California) 1999 – Tulsa (Oklahoma) 2000 – 2001
3 times runner-up at the European championships in 1994 -1995 – 1996(Germany)
7 times winner of a Euro-tour tournament
European Champion 9-ball in 1999 (Poland)
European Champion 8- ball in 2000 (Austria)
Runner-up European Champion 9-ball in 2000 (Austria)
Runner-up European Champion 8-ball in 2001 (Tjech Republic)
Runner-up European Champion 9- ball in 2001 (Tjech Republic)
Runner-up European Champion 9- ball in 2003 (Poland)
Bronze European Champion 8-ball in 2003 (Poland)
Bronze European Champion 8- ball in 2004 (Tjech Republic)
Bronze European Champion 9- ball in 2004 (Tjech Republic)
World champion 8-Ball in Taipei (Taiwan) 2004
Bronze European Championship 9-Ball in 2005 (Holland)
Nr 1 on the European Rankinglist 2005
Winner US-Open 9-Ball in Tampa 2005 (Florida) broadcasted on ESPN
Winner US-Open 9-Ball in Minneapolis 2006 (Minnesota)
Runner-up World Championship 9-Ball 2007 in Florida (Tampa)
Winner World Classic 8-Ball in 2009 in Galveston (Texas)
Bronze World Championship 9-Ball in 2010 (Louisville)
European Champion 8-Ball in 2010 (Croatia)
Runner-up European Championship in 2011 (Germany)
European Champion 10-Ball in 2013 (Slovenia)
Bronze European Championship 8-Ball 2014 (North Cyprus)
Runner-up European Championship 10-Ball 2015 (Portugal)
Bronze European Championship 8-Ball 2015 (Portugal)
Bronze European Championship 9-Ball 2015 (Portugal)
Runner-up European Championship 10-Ball in Sant Johann Im Pongau 2016 (Austria)
Runner-up European Championship 9-Ball in Sant Johann Im Pongau 2016 (Austria)
European Championship 10-Ball 2017 (Portugal)
Silver European Championship 8-Ball 2017 (Portugal)
Bronze European Championship 9-Ball 2017 (Portugal)
Runner-up World Championship 9-Ball 2017 (Tampere)
Bronze European Championship 8-Ball 2022 (Slovania)
Runner-up World Championship 6 reds Snooker Nakhon Ratchachima 2023 (Thailand)
Silver Belgian Open snooker Bruges 2024
Winner of the trophy for the best G-athlete of Bruges 2023

In Bruges I already won all the big trophies

I became “Sportman of the year in Bruges” in 1990
In 1999 I won the “Trophy of sports” and I became “Ambassader of sport”.

Extra information

I have already received all the major sporting trophies in Bruges.

I was named “Sportsman of the Year” in 1990
In 1999 I won the “Trophy of Sports Merit” and was also appointed “Ambassador of Sports”.

To date, I already have [total-titles] titles under my belt.